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Klamki VERSO


Metal-Bud, manufacturer and distributor of products made of metal has been known on Polish and European market since 1965. Since the beginning – mainly simple metal elements – our company aimed to achieve the quality of final products and compeititive price. Thanks to that years of presence on the market resulted in gaining opinion of a company for which the client is the most important by offering high quality products in competitive prices.

Currently, whole manufacturing and distributing activity of Metal-Bud company is focused on door handles and accessories. Metal-Bud is recognized on Polish and European market as a company that can be trusted – thousands of stores, markets, warehouses and manufacturers of doors and windows become convicted about it all the time.

In recognition of efforts of whole company we were awarded with consumer quality contest „Best in Poland” - our clients considered us and our products (particularly our door handles) as high-quality and interesting design. Since mentioned prestigious laurels our company introduced to the offer tens of new, attractive products that, thanks to the known quality, were accepted by the market and enjoy success.

We have been designing and manufacturing them since 1965 – you can trust us choosing known accessories for your home.