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Klamki VERSO

Exhibition materials

Below we present photos, dimensions and descriptions of our exposition materials – co called Expositors. Such products significantly improve recognizability of our offer in your stores, markets, warehouses and other locations. In order to purchase our expositor please contact Trade department of Metal-Bud (through Contact site).

  • Exhibition cabinet

    It is a good solution for building stores and markets – besides exhibition function it is also a functional store-room.

    Dimensions: 50cm x 120cm x 180cm (depth x width x height).

  • Rotating display, modern

    A modern form of display dedicated to showrooms with doors. Due to its small size and a large exhibition area of handles, it is an optimal sales support for the Metal-Bud brand products.

    Dimensions: 50cm x 50cm x 172cm (depth x width x height).

  • Rotating rack, modern

    Effective and efficient form of exposing intended for stores and markets. Small size of the device connected with large exposition surface makes very good sale support.

    Dimensions: 50cm x 180cm (base diameter x height).

  • Double side display unit, modern

    Simple and effective form of presentation of door handles. Stand for the shops and stores joinery. Poster with sleek dimensions combined with a suitable exhibition space constitute appropriate assistance in the sale of products.

    Dimensions: 40cm x 177cm (base diameter x height).

  • Desk expositor - rotating

    Effective form of exposition – standard expositor contains 14 models in different colours and designs. It is intended for locating in easily accessible places - counter.

    Wymiary: 35cm x 35cm x 70cm (base dimensions x height).

  • Desk expositor

    Easy mounting – it perfectly fits to easily accessible places (e.g. counter).

    Dimensions: 33cm x 56,5cm (width x height).

  • Display with stainless steel handles

    Simple, modern counter display showing range of stainless steel handles. It is available in black color which contrasts with the natural color of stainless steel handles.

    Dimmensions: 21cm x 50cm (width x height).

  • Display with fittings for glass

    Display with fittings for glass; lock, lever handle and set of hinges. Looks great in easily accessible locations for the customer (eg. shop desk).

    Dimensions: 21cm x 30cm x 41,5cm (depth x width x height).

  • Printed poster with door handle

    POS element with graphics imitating real door. On the front of the display there is assembled one, selected model of door handle from new collection, on the back there are pictures of other products from the latest collection.

    Dimmensions: 28,5cm x 33,5cm (width x height).


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  • Wall expositor

    It is intended for wall mounting (set includes required elements). It contains a set of the most popular products selected by our specialists.

    Dimensions: 80cm x 100cm (width x height).

If you are interested in the materials in traditional form (printed), please fill the form below and the catalogue will be sent via post within 48 hours from submitting the form.